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    The name of your company should make a sudden impact, be memorable, and create buzz. If not, prepare to be eaten alive by the other companies that know how to brand themselves.

    Post requests for company names […]

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  • Group logo of Creative Projects
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    Discuss and get help naming your creative projects: blogs, film, painting, sculpture, performance art, poetry, prose, plays, monologues, operas, symphonies, concertos, albums, essays, statistical reports. Whatever […]

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  • Group logo of Product Names
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    You’ve worked long hours and spend a lot of money developing a killer product — make sure you give it a name that will propel it out in the world, not let it get pushed to the back of the shelf. Post requests for […]

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    Post requests for business taglines as new Topics in the Forum for this group. If your tagline is for a school function or student body political campaign, post to the School Slogans and Student Body Election […]

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    Post your ideas, comments, quotes, resources — anything that you want to share with the Wordlab community — as New Topics in the Forum for this group.

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