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Restaurant Names

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If you need a name for your restaurant, cafe, bar, bistro, dining hall, automat, eatery, diner, slophouse, chowhouse, fast food joint, brasserie, desert bar, or pub — basically, if you go there to eat or drink, post your needs as a new Topic in the Forum for this Group.

More: try Wordlab’s Restaurant / Bar Name Generator.

Healthy Cafe and Bakery name (3 posts)

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  • Profile picture of Moriah Moriah said 6 years ago ago:

    I am planning on starting a healthy cafe and bakery and am in need of a name. I thought something like “The Health Nut Cafe” would be great, but it’s already taken apparently. Here are some of the alternative ingredients that I will be using (hope this helps):

    Almond flour and almond milk
    Grapeseed oil and home-made applesauce (replaces butter)
    Z-sweet (replaces sugar – zero glycemic effect)

    My main goal of this cafe/bakery is to offer a healthy alternative to all the overly-processed and sweetened treats and 1000-calorie meals that are typically offered in similar places. It will be a friendly place for those on a gluten-free diet, diabetics, acne sufferers, individuals with various food allergies, those trying to lose weight, and anyone in general who is trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle – without sacrificing taste.

  • Profile picture of Quipping Queen Quipping Queen said 6 years ago ago:

    Glutenless Gourmet

    Finicky Foodies

    Wheatless Works

  • Profile picture of Moriah Moriah said 6 years ago ago:

    Thanks, those are some good ones!

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