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Company Names

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The name of your company should make a sudden impact, be memorable, and create buzz. If not, prepare to be eaten alive by the other companies that know how to brand themselves.

Post requests for company names as new topics in the Forum for this group.

More: See the List of 4924 Company Names recovered from the wreckage of the old Wordlab website. | Also try the various Wordlab name generators.

Landscape company name (10 posts)

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  • Profile picture of Eric Eric said 6 years ago ago:

    I want to expand my landscape design build company to also focus on teaching people how to work with nature. My company name is King Landscaping but I want to create an umbrella company that will also be my new homepage which will feature ”howto” videos and ideas to help people make their own yards more environmentally sustainable. I’m stuck with clunky sounding names like: My Yard Guide, or My Yard Partner. Any thoughts?

  • Profile picture of Rogere Rogere said 6 years ago ago:

    By The Yard
    In My Nature
    Grass Roots 101
    Growing Greener
    Dig Your Yard
    Leaf Ericson
    Around The Bush
    Whole 9 Yards
    Down To Earth

  • Profile picture of Brand Imp Brand Imp said 6 years ago ago:

    Shruburbia and Whole 9 Yards are brilliant…
    If the lessons/tools are largely online, what about something like:

    My e-scape

    This could be extended/expanded to key areas:

    My backyard e-scape
    My garden e-scape
    My patio e-scape
    and so on…

  • Profile picture of Eric Eric said 6 years ago ago:

    Leaf Ericson is a hoot! In My Nature lead to Second Nature but both are taken.
    Shruburbia I agree is brilliant but taken

    I want to focus on errors in conventional wisdom landscaping–misconceptions on managing nature that are unsustainable and how we can design better, smarter, lower maintenance landscapes. What about a name that is oxymoronic:
    Wielding Wild
    Mildly Wild
    Naturally Managed
    Wild Wangler
    Wild Green Yonder

  • Profile picture of chris chris said 6 years ago ago:

    Thirty-Six | Transforming your Yard one inch at a time

  • Profile picture of hubermel hubermel said 6 years ago ago:

    If you are trying to market to the “unconverted” audience (e.g. folks using traditional chemical lawn services) I suggest emphasizing leisure (more time to enjoy the yard and not maintain it) and being on the forefront on new technologies.

    Leisure Lawns
    Cutting Edge
    New Way to Grow

    If you are marketing to the “green” audience already familiar with sustainability you might want to use those recognizable monikers of eco conciousness.

    Grounded in nature (use of groundcover instead of grass)
    Sustainable lawns, Eco lawns (boring but straight to the point)
    Green bean landscaping (edible landscaping reference)
    Green jean landscaping (casual landscaping, not fussy)
    Nokem lawn (no chem lawn!)
    Mildly Wild — that’s a great suggestion you had! I would put that name in this category since it won’t attract persnickety lawn folks.

    Good luck! I would be a customer! I have been trying to get my dad to add this same dimension to his traditional landscaping company too.

  • Profile picture of Eric Eric said 6 years ago ago:

    It’s an uphill battle to get people to take a more natural approach to landscaping. In the end the best designs work with nature, look great and require less work! If only I could find a few words to sum that up. It’s win win when done right.

  • Profile picture of Brand Imp Brand Imp said 6 years ago ago:

    You did sum it up in a few words: “the best designs work with nature” – that’s a perfect description of your mission and mantra. So, namewise, what about:


  • Profile picture of Rogere Rogere said 6 years ago ago:


    Designing Nature
    Teaming With Nature
    Embracing Nature
    Drawing from Nature
    Harmony in Nature (Harmonizing Nature)
    Mimicking Nature
    Adaptive Nature
    Natural Adaptation

  • Profile picture of Mark Smith Mark Smith said 5 years, 8 months ago ago:

    The Seasonalist

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