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Company Names

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The name of your company should make a sudden impact, be memorable, and create buzz. If not, prepare to be eaten alive by the other companies that know how to brand themselves.

Post requests for company names as new topics in the Forum for this group.

More: See the List of 4924 Company Names recovered from the wreckage of the old Wordlab website. | Also try the various Wordlab name generators.

Ideas for new spa name (6 posts)

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  • Profile picture of writerblock writerblock said 6 years ago ago:

    Hi there – I will be greateful for any of your ideas on what to name a new day spa I’m thinking of opening. It’s in a LEED certified green building, so we will be full of organic products, in a young & hip part of town, our focus is on beauty, relaxation, and wellness (although state law prohibits us from using the actual words wellness or health – too bad!).

  • Profile picture of Quipping Queen Quipping Queen said 6 years ago ago:

    Salubrity Salon


    Hip n’ Fit!

  • Profile picture of Rogere Rogere said 6 years ago ago:

    Spa La La
    Spa Time Relaxation
    Spa Excellence
    Hit the Spa!

  • Profile picture of Quipping Queen Quipping Queen said 6 years ago ago:

    Serenity Spa

    Relax & Restore

    Serenity Salon

    Meditation Makeovers

  • Profile picture of yellow yellow said 6 years ago ago:

    The Eco Experience
    Body Bliss
    Pure Bliss
    Beauty Bliss
    On Cloud Nine
    Healing Haven

  • Profile picture of thom6 thom6 said 6 years ago ago:

    Mandy’s Salon and Spa, or
    Sunset Salon and Spa, or
    Oasis Salon and Spa,or
    Traveler’s Rest Salon and Spa
    Good Luck!

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